District Resource Unit for Adult & Non-formal Education (DRU)

This branch assists educational authorities in planning and coordination of training programmes for Adult and Non-formal Education personnel throughout the district and provides necessary support in organising such programmes. The instructional and training materials relating to adult and non-formal education will be developed by this branch. The necessary evaluation technique and tools will also be prepared for judging the effectiveness of the programme. It also provides academic support for inclusive education in the district.


Functions of DRU

  1. To assist educational authorities in planning and coordination of training programmes for AEINFE personnel.
  2. To serve as the nodal branch for organizing Programmes of induction training and continuing education for instructors and supervisors / preraks to be organised in the DIET.
  3. To evaluate and monitor the quality and efficacy of training programmes for Adult Education/ Informal Education personnel held in and outside the DIET. and to strive for their continuous improvement.
  4. To maintain a database on all Informal Education personnel who undergo training at the Institute. and to organise follow up activities pursuant to such training.
  5. To undertake field interaction (including extension) work and the Informal projects and centres in the district. and to act as the referral unit for academic problems thrown up by the field in the areas of Informal Education.
  6. They help the Informal Education authorities in organising media support for the NFEIAE programmes (including by harnessing traditional media).
  7. To provide academic support for Inclusive Education in the district